Ranger Than Fiction: The Black Power Ranger Rap


Aside from the fact that the guy’s inhale sound is hypnotically annoying, the video is still a pretty good thing! Just ignore the inhale sound. Focus on the imagery and the accurate lyrics.

(NSFW because of language and overdramatic inhaling.)

The major accomplishment of this video was having the Power Ranger’s metallic mouth move. Remember how all the Power Rangers’ helmets all had metal mouths that wouldn’t move when the rangers talked? That was the worst. It doesn’t take much effort to make a show seem flawless to a fifth grader, but that was such a glaring error. “Come ON, Saban Entertainment.”  – You As A Kid

And how badly do you want a V.R. Troopers rap now? Oh, not at all? Fair enough.

Thanks, The High Definite.

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