Aflac Duck Voice Auditions: Everyone No One Is A Winner!


I think we can all agree that it is okay for news organizations to sometimes cover soft news. Lighter personal interest stories have their place in informative broadcasting. But, CNN should really put a different logo up for stuff like this:

Hahaha, Gilbert Gottfried must be rolling over in his Camry. (We all just assume he has a Camry, right? What’s he going to drive, an Escalade? Get out of town.)

Now, let’s take a moment to offer some constructive criticism for all those who tried out:

Guy In Green Shirt And Tie: Nope.

Guy In Purple Shirt: No AND please stop.

Guy In Fire Cracker Polo: Try it less nasal. And also be a different person entirely.

Lady In New York Hat: Why would you even try out if you weren’t going to commit?

Guy In Suit: Relax.

Guy In Striped Shirt: Did your wife make you do this? Why are you here?

Lady In Blue Sweater Thing: No one is angry. We’re just disappointed.

Guy In Blazer: Actually not bad. But please don’t make eye contact when you do that.

Guy In Black Polo: Not only should you not get this job, but you should be fired from the one you have now. And button at least one button. This isn’t a gross vacation.

Guy In Black LA Hat: Don’t take any more voice tips from Lady In New York Hat.


Thanks, Videogum.

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