ShamWow’s Vince Shlomi Sued By Assistant He Wanted For A “Love Slave”


If you noticed ShamWow pitchman/hooker-puncher Vince Shlomi on the red carpet in 2009 or 2010—a big if, admittedly—you probably assumed the woman standing next to him was his girlfriend. Apparently not, judging from Jennifer Kosinski’s lawsuit against Shlomi, as the model/personal assistant wants $75,000 in lost wages and unspecified damages after he tried to make her his “love slave.” Initially hired as a customer service rep by Shlomi, Kosinski soon because his personal assistant and “chaperone,” living in his condominium and working 24/7. Shlomi even allegedly said “why don’t you just see him when he’s in the grave?” when she asked for time to visit her cancer-stricken father.

Despite considering their relationship “amicable” and their public appearances a “business responsibility,” Kosinski knew Shlomi wanted more from her, as he allegedly stalked her ex-boyfriend, touched her daily, watched her on the beach with binoculars and offered her $20,000 and a “one month paid vacation for her parents to travel the world” if she’d sleep in his bed and give him “her eggs.” He also cursed at her when she refused to give him “the secret formula” to her heart. Despite Kosinski never receiving overtime and dealing with the daily creepage, Shlomi wound up firing her in April 2010, 9 months after she was hired, when she wouldn’t show him a text she received. Shlomi’s lawyers had no comment, though we’re still curious why an aspiring model would stick with this nightmare gig in the first place!

See photos of Kosinski on the job with Shlomi in the gallery below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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