Are Men Funny? Will Ferrell, Rob Corddry, Louis C.K. And The Lonely Island Answer


Every couple of months, a conversation about the disparity between the sexes in comedy pops up in some manner. Though we find ourselves a bit burnt out on the topic (because – duh, WOMEN ARE FUNNY), it still merits serious discussion. In February, SXSW Comedy invited just one woman to perform alongside 30 men in their stand up comedy showcase. This week’s New Yorker profile on Anna Faris may champion the actress’ comedic sensibilities, but does so while highlighting the pervasive sexism of Hollywood. The ‘Why aren’t there more women working on The Daily Show?!” debate raged throughout the summer of 2010, inspired in part by the hiring of Olivia Munn. And who can forgetĀ  Christopher HitchensVanity Fair masterpiece (*snort*), “Why Women Aren’t Funny“?

It’s the debate that just.won’t.die, so we took our mic to the Comedy Awards red carpet last weekend to tackle two new touchy questions about the gender gap in the comedy world:

  • Are men funny?
  • Why aren’t there more men in comedy?

Will Ferrell, Kristen Schaal, Rob Corddry, Louis C.K., The Lonely Island, and other A-List funny people answer in our video above.

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