25 Films In 21 Years: A Look Back – And Forward – At Kristen Stewart’s Career


Maybe the entire world has already seen a young Kristen Stewart in this Porsche commercial from 1999, but it is new to us. Watch and “Awwww” with us, please:

The woman (let’s stop calling her a girl, shall we) has an enviable resume that blossomed shortly after this commercial was shot. You know, when she worked with A-Listers David Fincher and Jodi Foster on her first movie, Panic Room. We first caught wind of Kristen in Into the Wild. She was completely captivating onscreen, and when we weren’t marveling over her acting skills we were enviously drooling over her legs.¬† As Em in Adventureland she encapsulated everything it means to be a teenage girl in coming of age over the summer: insecure, awkward, flirtatious, unsure of herself and yet wildly confident.The break up scene in New Moon crushes us every time (specifically the seasonal change sequence) and we think her turn as a terminally ill teen in The Cake Eaters is some of her finest work – and at such a young age to boot.

We’ve included some of our favorite onscreen Stew moments below the jump, as well as a giant gallery of the actress through the years. She’s starred in over 25 movies (including Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 and On the Road) in 21 years – not bad, eh? And share your favorite onscreen Stew-moments with us too!

Kristen in Panic Room, her first film.

A clip of Kristen in Adventureland, our favorite coming of age 80’s flick ever (well, second to 16 Candles).

Kristen doesn’t have a ton of screen time in Into the Wild, but when she does she’s captivating.

Twilight. The biggie. Obviously this owns our heart.

New Moon is really Bella’s story, and Kristen helps tell it perfectly.

Eclipse, and the infamous “bedroom scene:”

Welcome to the Rileys, Kristen’s critically acclaimed soul-crusher that had us crying awkwardly in the theater.

The Cake Eaters is one of Kristen’s finest performances, in which she plays a terminally ill teen trying to lose her virginity. See.It.

Finally, The Runaways  Рin which she completely transformed herself from Bella to badass to play Joan Jett.

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