Kate Gosselin Sued By Former Marriage Counselor


Sure, Kate Gosselin still has her TV show and Jon’s smoking on someone’s roof, but who’s worrying about the innocent bystanders most affected by the reality TV couple’s legendary meltdown? Of course, we’re referring to their marriage counselors. White Haven, Pennsylvania’s Creative Energy Commons is suing Kate Gosselin for $10,476 after the mother of 8 asked one of their doctors to fly to LA twice in early 2009 (for “marriage counseling”), and then refused to pay for the services or travel expenses. Maybe she assumed TLC would pick up the tab?

Timing-wise, these visits would have been around the time Kate was on her book-promoting tour while Jon was partying with co-eds in Pennsylvania. Doesn’t that seem like eons ago? Even more interestingly, the same doctor, Sylvia Lafair, was described in June 2010 as Jon Gosselin’s “life coach.” How come the bill didn’t come up around then? Maybe they were waiting until the whole divorce ordeal was over…to remind us of it all over again.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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