Lindsay Lohan In Talks To Star In Gotti Movie, Defies All Common Sense


Lindsay Lohan can never just star in a regular old rom-com, can she? Whether it’s appearing in a Deep Throat biopic or as Manson victim Sharon Tate, LiLo is always trying to get cast as part of the underbelly of human experience. Only this time, John Travolta and Kim Kardashian might be joining her there! Rumors are swirling that Lindsay Lohan’s Gotti movie role is almost official; Lindsay is allegedly in “final talks” to portray Victoria Gotti, daughter of Travolta’s John Gotti and sister-in-law to Kardashian’s Kim Gotti in Gotti: Three Generations. Let’s just go ahead and cast Paz De La Huerta as Angel Gotti and, oh let’s say, Smeagol from Lord Of The Rings as Carmine Gotti. There we have it: the biggest trainwreck in cinematic history!

Unfortunately, Lindsay would miss out on the opportunity to sleaze it up in what producer Marc Fiore claims is “going to be the new Godfather” if Lohan serves jail time; she won’t know her fate until after her court date on April 22. Being in prison would, of course, also impact Lohan’s Superman casting, if that is still on the table. Hey, if the Gotti thing doesn’t pan out, Lindsay, there’s always Human Centipede: The Musical. No, we were just joking. Lindsay! No!

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