Michael Jackson Trial Defense To Argue He Was Suicidal?


The prosecution in the Michael Jackson murder trial has consistently argued that Conrad Murray is guilty of criminal negligence and manslaughter for providing the singer with lethal quantities of the addictive anesthetic Propofol, and lying about it afterward. Apparently unable to argue against this, Murray’s lawyers have focused on the possibility Jackson delivered the overdose himself, whether by lining a juicebox with the drug or jabbing himself with a syringe. Though we knew they’d argue Jackson was exhausted from the This Is It rehearsals and addicted to Coca-Cola, one Murray’s lawyers suggested yesterday that the singer “took desperate measures that caused his death”—hinting Jackson may have been suicidal.

The comments came as part of a pre-trial request to see MJ’s financial records, which the judge quickly denied. “I’m not going to turn an involuntary manslaughter trial into some kind of an escapade in analysis of the finances in Michael Jackson’s entire life,” he said. “Right now this is major deep sea fishing.” It sure sounds like that to us—whether Michael Jackson was suicidal or just addicted to Propofol, no competent, ethical doctor would bring large quantities of the hospital-grade drug to his house, let alone leave MJ alone with it. With the trial expected to begin May 9th, Murray’s lawyers will have to settle on a specific defense soon.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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