American Idol Elimination Shocker: What Do You Think Of Last Night’s Results?


This season of American Idol is throwing us off our game. We’re so used to fast forwarding through intolerable Ford music videos and suffering through silly critiques from “musicians” like, but this season is changing all the rules and providing so much jaw-dropping entertainment. Literally, last night when Ryan Seacrest announced that front-runner Pia Toscano was this week’s eliminated contestant, our mouth hung open in awe. Toscano was gorgeous and wowed everyone from the get-go, but in all honesty, we didn’t think she’d take the whole thing because she lacks the stage presence and personality that some of the other contestants have. (Hell, Paul McDonald‘s painted blazer has more personality.) Still, we thought she’d make it to the top three and were shocked to see her go. Wonder if the judges are regretting using that save on Casey Abrams?

So tell us…

[Photo: Getty Images]

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