Kirsten Dunst Sad And Naked In Arty, Apocalyptic Melancholia Trailer


Kirsten Dunst‘s career flatlined after a series of flops and a rehab stay, but her overdue comeback may be underway thanks to the upcoming Melancholia, directed by that crazy Dane Lars Von Trier. The trailer initially looks like a simple family drama, with Alexander Skarsgard as her husband-to-be and Charlotte Gainsbourg, Charlotte Rampling, Kiefer Sutherland and John Hurt among the grumpy friends and family at the wedding. Then comes the twist: a previously undetected planet has been hiding behind the sun (we’re not making this up) and is scheduled to collide with Earth, ensuring our destruction. Behind the sun—the last place astronomers would ever think to look!

Check out the slightly NSFW trailer to see Dunst arguing with on-screen sister Gainsbourg (who we’re surprised to see working with Von Trier again after the brutal Antichrist), shooting electricity out of her fingers, and—for a split second, from far away—laying nude under the stars. Call us Dieter from Sprockets, cuz this trailer makes us as happy as a little girl. Art!

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