Not A Mad Lib: Deer Guards Goose Nest At Buffalo Cemetary


This sounds like somebody just threw a bunch or random words together and then made up a news story about it, but apparently, a deer actually is standing guard and protecting a goose and her nest at a Buffalo, New York cometary. Millard Filmore and Rick James are also somehow characters in this psilocybin soaked woodlands tale.

For at least four days, the buck stood guard near the nest of a Canada goose as she sits on her eggs inside a large urn at Forest Lawn cemetery, home to the remains of President Millard Fillmore and rock icon Rick James.

“He does appear to be guarding the goose, as it were,” Erie County SPCA Wildlife Administrator Joel Thomas said. “He’s within touching distance of her — there’s no doubt what’s going on.”

Employees at the cemetery were alerted to the situation after the animal positioned itself between the bird and an employee of a company that traps and relocates geese, which Thomas said have become a messy problem in large numbers.

“When he approached the bird with a net, the deer puts itself between him and the bird, and he’s repeated that behavior for some time,” he said.

Animals, you guys! This will obviously be a fully illustrated children’s book in about four months. Parents are going to have to start preparing themselves to explain who Millard Fillmore and Rick James are at the same time.

Thanks, Reuters.

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