The “Kids React” Kids Feel The Same Way About Rebecca Black As You Do


“It was entertaining because it was terrible.”

“Horrible. It shouldn’t even be on YouTube, and that’s just sad because some people post some really weird stuff on YouTube.”

(exasperated “They play it on Friday at my school!”

These are all things kids — or as you might know them, “baby adults” — said in response to Rebecca Black‘s Friday.  They’re just like you and me, these kids! I mean, they don’t play that song on Friday at our grown up adult schools (work), but we sure would complain about it exasperatedly if they did.

And guess what, the kids don’t ONLY make fun of her. By the end, they feel bad for her. JUST LIKE FULL GROWN US DO! These “Kids React” videos really are good for society in that they help combat whatever the child-disliking equivalent of racism is called. Kidsogyny maybe. Perhaps” babyhatin” in The South.

But as a counterpoint, I will refer you back to this.

Thanks again to the Fine Brothers.

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