Ashley Tisdale Poses Naked For No Reason


Four celebrities — Ashley Tisdale, Bridget Moynahan, Keri Hilson, and Kaley Cuocoposed nude in the latest issue of Allure. While I have no problem with nude photospreads — my monocle doesn’t fall into my mint julep THAT easily — I always love when magazines try to give a roundabout artistic justification for their naked photospreads, when clearly any magazine’s motivation for any naked photospread is to get a ton of attention because they’re naked photos of celebrities.

Here is Allure’s nonsensical explanation for these naked photos, verbatim:


Naked, nude, starkers: However you put it, stripping down can be nerve-wracking. As inspiration, these celebrities slipped off their robes — and we offer solutions to the most vexing body-skin issues.

Couple things:

1) These women obviously have no hangups about getting naked because they’re voluntarily getting naked in a magazine.

2) “As inspiration” to whom? This offers zero inspiration to anyone with body-skin issues, because these women are f***ing beautiful. I’m sure everyone’s saying “I was nervous about how my body looked, but now that I know celebrity Ashley Tisdale looks perfect when she gets naked, that helps me to ERROR UNDEFINED!”

Fully Naked Ashley Tisdale Pic is AFTER THE JUMP! Not because we want you to click after the jump, it’s there because we just want to help you:

Whew! Now I have the courage to do everything that I did not before! First up: D*ck Skydiving.

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