Nick Cannon Raps Advice For Unborn Twins With Mariah Carey


The thing we’ve really enjoyed about Mariah Carey‘s (seemingly endless) pregnancy is how husband Nick Cannon has been downright goofy with excitement about the impending arrival of the fabulous duo, including his April Fools’ “Mariah in labor” prank. However, Nick Cannon’s song “Pearls” really takes the giddy parent cake, as well as gives the singer a head-start on embarrassing his kids in front of their (newborn) friends. Set to the Sade song “Pearls,” Cannon raps that he’s “gotta spit these pearls to my unborn, poems till they get into this world.” Some of the advice he’s giving them includes:

  • “Unless you gonna make a difference in this world, you ain’t s–t in this world.”
  • “Don’t be too religious, ’cause that’s just a business.”
  • “Your mother is one of the greats.”
  • “Lord knows that I hope you embrace my mistakes that I have yet to make.”

Dad! Jeez! You’re embarrassing the twins with your painfully heart-felt rhymes and smooth melodies! Looks like it’ll be a tie to see what will prove to be more humiliating: Cannon’s earnest fetus-poetry, or Mariah Carey’s nude pregnancy photos. Here’s hoping they both make the baby book!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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