Justin Bieber’s Meeting Gets Cancelled Because Of Centuries Old Middle East Conflict


Justin Bieber is visiting Israel this week and was scheduled to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. So, already… “Hahaha, okay.” But then the meeting got cancelled because, well, you know, everything in that part of the world is generally on the edge of disaster.

From the Huffington Post:

JERUSALEM — Justin Beiber’s trip to Israel is off to a rocky start – tentative plans to meet the prime minister have fallen through under contentious circumstances, and the teen heartthrob says he has holed himself up in his hotel to escape the country’s notoriously aggressive paparazzi… Officials in [Netanyahu’s] office said the Israeli leader had hoped to meet the singer, but hinted that Mideast politics had scuttled the visit.

Now, the purpose of mentioning this is not to make fun of Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber’s got enough on his being-made-fun-of-plate already. (Quick side note: I know we’re not all fans of the word “baby” being launched into our ears at a high pitch, but maybe we can all try to relax a little bit on account that he is a child. Remember when he said he thought he was going to be the next Kurt Cobain and everyone freaked out? Calm down, everyone. You know who else thinks they’re going to be the next Kurt Cobain? Every child.) The purpose of this, instead, is to express awe at how weird this whole thing is. A 16 year old self made millionaire just had his day ruined because a world leader suddenly remembered that his country is sitting in the middle of about 165 different armed conflicts that have been going on since the dawn of civilization. It’s weird. I hope Justin writes a song about this whole experience orders room service and watches Shalom Sesame.

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