Love, Wedding, Marriage Trailer Looks Like A Montage Of Every Wedding Movie Ever


Guilty pleasure, thy name is romantic comedy. When we first saw the trailer for the Mandy Moore-Kellan Lutz movie Love, Wedding, Marriage, we were thinking it was just going to be like every other movie about a wedding: a couple that’s trying to figure out how to define their relationship while also juggling their quirky families, zany friends, and careers that seem fake. And that’s exactly what it is, but it actually has a large and impressive cast that softened even the harshest, pop-culture nerd critics (we are easily persuaded by a supporting cast that includes Alyson Hannigan and/or her real life husband Alexis Denisof—how can you not love their Buffy legacy or their adorable daughter, Satyana?) It looks cheesy and predictable, but that’s why we love our rom-coms in the first place, isn’t it? Plus, Kellan Lutz in a towel, so there’s that.

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