SNL Alum Jane Curtin Says John Belushi Was A Misogynist


No one wants to hear that one of their comedy idols was secretly (or not so secretly) a total knob. Unfortunately, if Jane Curtin’s John Belushi comments on Oprah are accurate, the famous Blues Brothers star was anything but pleasant to work with…at least if you had two X chromosomes. “They were working against John, who said women are just fundamentally not funny,” Curtin, a member of the original SNL cast in 1975, said of the staff’s female writers. “If a woman writer had written a piece for John, he would not read it in his full voice. He would whisper it. He felt as though it was his duty to sabotage the women writers.”

However, not all of Curtin’s late-night compatriots were quick to agree with her during yesterday’s SNL reunion episode.”I don’t remember that,” said Chevy Chase, also a member of the original cast, while Dana Carvey joked, “Well, he’s got a point of view.” Finally Tracy Morgan leaped in to say, “Tina Fey put me on,” seemingly to point how far things have come in the past three decades. Tina Fey‘s interview with Oprah about her days at the legendary late night show, as well as her new book Bossypants, would seem to suggest that he’s right. He’d better be, or we’ll never be able to watch Animal House without weeping again. This time, it won’t be from hysterical laughter.

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