Girl Does Amazing Animal Noise Impressions


This is Mel. She was studying abroad in New Zealand and her friends discovered that she is really good at making animal noises, so they taped her. She’s so good, I want to invite her to every party, ever. Check it out:

In addition to coming to all of my parties, I wonder if she would join me in my gang? As we commit heists across the zoos of America? She would either be the foil to distract the zookeepers as we break into their vaults, or she could talk to the animals, who would in turn help up us break into the zoo vaults. Zoo vaults hold up to $60 million on a fight night. Fact.

Wait. This might be my only opportunity to make a “The Doctor Doolittle Is A Woman!” joke.

Well, that’s done. Guess I can cross that off the bucket list.

Thanks, Daily What!

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