Brooke Mueller Pawning Watch, Stereo? Desperate For Drug-Free Pee?


What the hell is going on with Brooke Mueller? Reports and surveillance footage have surfaced of a woman, allegedly Brooke, trying to pawn off a watch and stereo at a pawn shop in Inglewood, California. Employee Jack Feldman said that Brooke wanted cash but was denied because she wasn’t carrying valid I.D. Why Brooke — who looks freaked in the video — needs the cash is a mystery considering Charlie Sheen pays her $55,000 a month in child support. She also made millions in their divorce settlement.

Unfortunately, sources say this random behavior is happening because Brooke — who has also had drug and alcohol issues — has relapsed. The story doing the rounds is that Brooke was desperate for urine samples from friends because she had to take a test yesterday. If she refuses the test, or if the testing facility found traces of drugs in her pee, then Brooke will lose custody  of her two kids. A friend of hers has allegedly said, “Brooke admitted to relapsing. She hasn’t been returning calls, which usually means she’s using. She’s absolutely freaked out that this potential dirty test could result in her losing custody of their 2-year-old twins (Bob and  Max) to Charlie.” All of this still doesn’t explain why she was pawning off her stuff. We smell drama!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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