Cowboys And Aliens Are The Peanut Butter And Chocolate Of Action Flicks


We know what you’re thinking: cowboys fighting aliens? However, the same thing must have been said of the first person who mixed chocolate and peanut butter together. Now we have Reese’s peanut butter cups, and the world would cease to function if they somehow ceased to exist.  Based on a comic book series by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, the Cowboys And Aliens trailer seems to ponder the age-old question: what if alien invaders tried to take over the Wild Wild West? Given that it stars Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and a fresh-from-Tron Olivia Wilde, we’re assuming no creature is going get away with any probing without losing an arm…or a tentacle.

However, don’t feel like you know what’s going to happen just because you’ve seen E.T. and True Grit back to back. Earlier this month director Jon Favreau says the Cowboys And Aliens plot twists are very deliberately going to be kept from the audience. “They tend to be more intrigued by something that holds a sense of mystery, where you feel like you are getting to experience something new and not just fulfilling a check list of the trailer that you saw when you go to see the movie,” Favreau says of potential moviegoers. The only genre mash-up we’d like better then this one would would be a zombie movie mixed with, oh, we don’t know, a romance set in 19th century England. Oh wait, that’s already coming out in 2013!

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