Idol Finalist Jacob Lusk Has A Criminal Past! (Sort Of)


Of all the contestants of this season of American Idol to be in trouble with the law, Jacob Lusk isn’t the first one we would have thought of. (Actually, this season barely has any bad seeds when you think about it, huh?) But leave it to TMZ to dig up Lusk’s mug shot from when he was arrested in 2010. Yes, the former spa concierge turned angelic-voiced Idol hopeful has a criminal past that almost prevented him from being on the show. Fortunately, it’s a pretty tame story that shouldn’t tarnish his reputation too much. (Although that wife beater he’s wearing in his mug shot is definitely something we didn’t peg him for.)

Lusk was cited in 2009 for not paying his fare on the L.A. Metro and received a ticket from the police. He didn’t attend his court hearing for the incident and a warrant for his arrest was created. Then, in 2010, one day after learning he was picked for Idol, he was pulled over in a traffic violation, and since he had a warrant, he was arrested and jailed for two days. After pleading with the judge, he was released from probation and allowed to compete on Idol. Hilariously, TMZ reports that Lusk sang to his fellow inmates while he was in jail which is adorable and also sounds like a lost episode of Cop Rock. Let’s hope that his new found fame means he’ll get driven everywhere from now on and he’ll stop getting into transit trouble.

[Photos: Getty Images/TMZ]

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