No One Will Post Gucci Mane’s $5700 Bail


Poor Gucci Mane. After being arrested last week for allegedly pushing a woman out of a car (okay, maybe we don’t feel so bad for him), the rapper is still sitting behind bars, even though Gucci’s bail is just $5700. Big money for us, sure, but not much in the world of celebrity bail! It’s not like he’s short of famous friends with pockets full of cash, and you’d think one of them would come to his rescue. But nope – Gucci is still stuck in an Atlanta cell, hopefully reflecting on the many reasons it is NOT cool to push a woman out of a moving car after she refuses to go back to your hotel with you. ‘Cuz seriously…who does that?

If you’re a Gucci fan and are interested in forking over some cash to rescue the star, head on down to the DeKalb County Jail in Decatur, Georgia. Look for the dude with the ice cream cone tattoo on his face. Pay up. And then politely decline when he offers you a lift home.

[Photo: GettyImages]

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