The Irony Is Delicious: Black Eyed Peas To Open Music School In NYC


Isn’t having the Black Eyed Peas open a music school in New York City a bit like having Taylor Momsen start a charm school in Paris? Sure, she could probably do it, but there must be millions of people who are more qualified, plus having her name on it is only going to raise eyebrows. As part of the city’s Urban Arts Partnership, the Peapod Adobe Youth Voices academy will provide arts education to students 13 to 19. It will be located, we’re assuming, right next to the Arby’s school of culinary excellence.

Don’t get us wrong. Fergie and the gang do a lot of amazing charity projects, like the Black Eyed Pea’s Annual Peapod Benefit Concert and’s computer lab project in the Phillipines. When it comes to music, however, maybe it’s best to leave education to the educators, not the computer that churns out all the Peas’ beats. We can only imagine what would happen if the Peas themselves were students there. Their Super Bowl performance alone would have gotten all of them expelled.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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