Jersey Shore Cast Not Allowed To Booze It Up In Florence


Unfortunate news for people who were looking forward to The Situation and Snooki drunkenly jumping off the Ponte Vecchio and trying to sneak into the Duomo during the upcoming Italy season of Jersey Shore. The mayor of Florence, Italy, has banned the Jersey Shore cast from drinking in public, and has actually created quite a restrictive list of dos and don’ts for the cast while they’re in his fair city.

Mayor Matteo Renzi laid down the law with the cast, saying “I will not allow them to use the Palazzo Vecchio or other historic buildings, but I cannot ban them from using our city as a set.” Renzi’s apprehension about allowing the cast to have the run of his city may have to do with the fact that Italy only recently started to air the show and some Italians aren’t thrilled by it. In addition to the rule above, they will have to abide by the following guidelines:

No shooting in bars, clubs or any place that promotes the reckless consumption of alcohol.

The cast is prohibited from drinking in public on camera.

Florence may not be portrayed as a drinking town.

The cast must interact with authentic Italian people in authentic cultural settings—thus avoiding the city’s hordes of tourists and students.

So basically, stay at home if you plan to drink, but if you want a guided tour of the Uffizi and the best place to get some gnocchi, come on out and play. Maybe the cast can team up with Anthony Bourdain and do a season-long No Reservations-style show where they just eat constantly, we’d watch that. Filming begins on May 9.
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