Dame Helen Mirren Charmingly Says “Sh*t” On TV


First, who cares. People say “sh*t” all the time. The fact that I have to replace the “i” with an asterisk is pretty funny. I suppose a star is less offensive than the letter i? Or when you look at it you’re all like, “What am I reading? What is that word? What could sh*t possibly mean? What I know for sure is that it’s certainly not profane and children and my boss may look upon it freely without taking offense!” And you can say “sh*t” on a ton of TV now, South Park and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, for example. HOWEVER. When Dame Helen Mirren says it on a live morning show, it’s just so deliciously* naughty and deLIGHTful. You just want to cover your mouth with your lace cravat/handkerchief and titter away. Here it is:

Dear English Morning Show Hosts, NEVER apologize for anything Dame Helen Mirren does because everything she utters is perfect and you are LUCKY to sit next to her and her cute outfit and jewels.

Holy Moly

*I hate when people use the word “delicious” to describe anything other than a food.

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