Farewell, Best Week Ever. I Hope It Was Good For You Too.


Well, it’s about that time. This is my last day at Best Week Ever. I’ve had SUCH an amazing experience working here, and I’d like to thank Michelle, Dan and Noah for being the Best Team Ever and making me laugh to tears every single day. Granted, the tears were coming from a much darker place, but it was nice to laugh through them. Basically, the reason I’m leaving is that I’ve built up enough revenue as a part-time blogger to up and leave New York and embark on my own Eat, Pray, Love-eque journey. First, I’m moving to South Dakota where I’ll get my hang gliding instructor certification. Then, it’s off to rural Alberta where I’ll be working in the oil sands industry as a miner. After that, I’ll hitchhike to Alaska and sneak onto an industrial fishing boat and it’s Taiwan or bust! I hope to learn a lot about myself and find true love.

No, seriously, thank you to all the readers and commenters, you have been far nicer than need be. I’ve loved every day of working here and am very proud of the fact that I’ve only started two race wars (to my knowledge) and managed to write about Tim Curry on a fortnightly basis. I’ll be maintaining a Tumblr (fancy!!) called Walker’s Wheelhouse, if you want to stop by and check up on my travels*.

And with that, I’ll let Sarah McLachlan serenade me out. Picture me waving at the camera in slow motion.


Sarah Walker

*I’m not really traveling, but if someone out there thinks that’s a good book idea, I’m open to a million dollar advance. I actually just got another job. Bor-ing. Think of me always as being in Taiwan.

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