New BO.LT Tool Will Change Internet Joke Landscape Forever


Oh, boy. We’re about to start seeing so many parody websites. It’s inevitable. The cyber avalanche cannot be stopped.

From the Huffington Post Tech Page:

BO.LT is a web-based tool that enables people to quickly, without code, remix the content presented on a website, from changing images and editing text to swapping headlines and deleting entire parts of the page.

Users enter the URL of a website into BO.LT, then BO.LT quickly creates a complete copy of the page, duplicating every detail down to the ads that appear and the links to the brand’s Facebook page.

Well right off the bat I would suggest that somebody make “Blessed Week Ever” and have it be only stories about famous people thanking Jesus after winning awards/sportsgames. And then I would strongly recommend that no one make “” which would be a site that only sold books by people named Amy. Nobody make that one; it’s pointless. Also, nobody make “” which would be an online community in which you only friend request people that you’ve fingered. That is so gross. If you’ve even briefly considered making that fake site, you have serious issues.

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