Nick Cannon Gives Out Home Number On The Radio


Mariah Carey does not need this right now, Nick Cannon. That woman is too huge and too uncomfortable for you to come home and explain why there are 400,000 voice mails left blinking on the machine. Mariah’s lucky she didn’t immediately go into labor when she heard that Nick Cannon gave out their home phone number on his radio show. “Home phone numbers are just like Twitter anyway. I use this more than I use my home phone,” Cannon rationalized on Twitter afterward. “So what’s the big deal?” Sure, but if every fan in the Tri-State area is tying up your phone lines, this might be something of an annoyance to the extremely pregnant wife you having living in your house. Think, Nick. Think.

It turns out, one lucky caller actually got through to Mariah, which we’re sure she is completely fine with and not silently planning to make Nick sleep on the sidewalk tonight. “My wife is going to kill me over this … Just gave out my home phone number on air and my pregnant wife picked up the line oops!” Nick Cannon tweeted. “Thanks to my amazing wife for being a good sport and allowing me to make good radio. @MariahCarey you are the best!” We’re have no doubt Mariah was as gracious as ever. She’s going to need someone to scream at once those contractions start coming.

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