Trailer For Disney Nature’s Chimpanzee Almost Too Effective


Well, I guess we’re all going to go see this together. It’s Disney Nature’s movie about a baby chimp who gets adopted by an adult chimp and also it is not a cartoon as is real and whoops we’re all hugging.

How nuts is it that Disney can’t even manage to do a movie not about parental death even when filming actual apes in an actual jungle? And why are all their TV shows about whole families while all their movies are about half to mostly dead families? “We’ve got a dead mom in this one, so it looks like we’re gonna have to make it feature length.” – Walt Disney

Nonetheless, this is the first movie I’ve ever wanted to see whose trailer uses the voiceover guy from the ABC Family Channel. This is going to be so great. Unless Oscar dies at the end. Oh, man. Wait. Does Oscar die at the end? He can’t. I’m NERVOUS.

Thanks so much, Videogum.

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