BREAKING NEWS: Rupert Grint Is Totally Chill


UPDATE: Turns out this is a fake. That isn’t Rupert Grint. Read about the whole thing here. The guy in this picture is apparently some other totally chill dude.

Rupert Grint is the child/currently young adult actor who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies. And according to this picture that begun making it’s way around the internet last night… he’s, like, all chill and sh*t.

Chill Quality Count Off:

1.) Sitting Indian style.

2.) Wearing a sleeveless shirt.

3.) Using a match instead of lighter.

4.) Wearing a stocking cap.

5.) Despite the insane media storm that comes along with being a young celebrity who gets photographed smoking pot and then the supremely insincere and embarrassing forced apology that must come after, not caring that a picture is being taken while using the most comically obvious and cartoonish kind of smoking apparatus.

Thanks, The Daily What.

Disclaimer: Dope is for dopes.

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