Coco Gets A Reality Show; Balance Returns To The Universe


Have you guys been sensing a deep disturbance in the Force for the past, oh, 40 billion years? Maybe you’ve been picking up on some lingering sense of imbalance and injustice that pervades everything on a molecular level? Luckily for the integrity of the space-time fabric continuum, Coco’s reality show is on the way! TMZ reports that Ice-T‘s wife and object of more fantasies than the lost city of El Dorado will be filming her upcoming show in New York, and we will be able to get to sleep at night without the feeling that something is not right in the world.

The only thing holding the universe together up until now has been Coco’s Twitter. However, the world has a thirst for the orange ingenue that no volume of Thong Tuesdays can satisfy. “Since the secrets out.Yes,been working really hard this month on my new Reality Show that airs June 12th on E! 1030pm after the Kardashians,” she tweeted this afternoon. The most shocking part of all of this is how it took this long for Coco to land a reality show, considering that is what she was put on Earth to do (besides vacuum in a fishnet cat suit, of course). Help us, Coco’s fantastic plastic butt! If you can’t save us, then who can?

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