Hit Songs Won’t Stop Bonnie Tyler From This Amazingly Terrible Music Video


Bonnie Tyler is a 1980s legend, with songs so famous they’ve been featured in Shrek. (Plug that last sentence into Google Translate, and in any language you’re gonna get $$$$$$.) From karaoke classic “Total Eclipse of the Heart” to the painful “It’s A Heartache” to the inspiring “I Need A Hero,” those are the only three Bonnie Tyler songs you’ve probably ever heard in your life. Those other familiar songs you’ve probably only ever heard coming out of the mouth of a very constipated person sitting on the toilet in your home or place of business.

But ol’ Bonnie never stopped trying to make another shit. happen. And she pulled out all the green screen stops to achieve her dream. We came across this video of her singing “Against The Wind.” Before you get excited thinking it’s a Bob Seger cover — it isn’t. No, it’s just Bonnie Tyler wearing a costume bought from a Phantom of the Opera yard sale and standing in front of a green screen of middle aged men hang gliding.

Simply put: WE MISS THE 1980s. Where are you now, Bonnie Tyler? Hopefully still making cinematic shatsterpieces such as this.


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