Liam Gallagher Still Sings Like He’s Making Fun Of Liam Gallagher


If you try to imagine Liam Gallagher singing, you probably picture him with his hands behind his back, knees bent, and head tilted upward so that his mouth meets a slightly downward slanting microphone. But if you think about it a little longer, you suddenly start wondering if maybe you’re just thinking of your friend’s crappy Oasis impression — if perhaps Liam Gallagher doesn’t in reality sing like that at all. It’s sort of like trying to do an impression of George H.W. Bush. You end up basically just doing an impression of Dana Carvey‘s impression. Don’t worry though. You’re not screwing this up. You’re imagining Liam Gallagher 100% accurately.

This is Liam Gallagher singing with his new band, Beady Eye, in Wales. And he’s really sticking to that performance posture.

Let’s take another look? Sure.

Even the jacket is over-the-top Oasis. It’s like he wants people to shout “Wonder Wall” why he performs his new stuff.

“Hey, why don’t you ease up on Liam Gallagher? He’s just a nice guy trying to make people happy.” – Nobody

Thank you, Splash.

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