Tracy Morgan Thinks Charlie Sheen Is Acting A Fool, Being A Terrible Father


Tracy Morgan might joke about taking everyone and everything behind the middle school and getting them pregnant, but unlike some performers, his character’s bizarro character traits usually stay fictional. In an interview with PopEater about his new film Rio, Tracy Morgan insults Charlie Sheen‘s parenting skills, taking the touring warlock to task for humiliating his kids. “I’m just a comedian. I’m not Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen ain’t funny to me. I think that’s a train wreck and I feel bad for his two little kids because they’re the bodies being pulled out of the train wreck,” Morgan ranted. Aw, it’s like Tracy thinks he’s usually puffing on a pipe in a tweed jacket, as opposed to getting topless and talking about “climbing” Michelle Obama.

In Morgan’s defense, given Sheen’s custody battle with Brooke Mueller, Charlie’s kids might have to face the kind of damage that seeing their father take his shirt off in public just cannot compare to. “What’s going to happen to them? But everybody thinks it’s a joke. While this asshole is going on stage making a fool of himself his kids are going to suffer and don’t even know it because this is a cycle of abuse,” Morgan explains. Then again, his own family had to find out about Tracy Morgan’s kidney transplant from the internet. Pick out an adorable preteen and we’ll see them both in Two And A Half Man-Children this fall on FX.

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