Daniel Radcliffe Shows Off His Stand-Up Skills On Jimmy Fallon


Look, Daniel Radcliffe is already an international film and musical theater star. He doesn’t need to be good at stand-up; leave that for the less good-looking and millionaire-ish among us. Unfortunately for everyone working on their ten minutes, Daniel Radcliffe’s stand-up debut on Fallon last night was actually…sort of charming and funny. Damn that tiny adorable man!

“This is going to be terrible,” Radcliffe admitted, after explaining “I’ve also been completely fearful of doing anything like that, ’cause I think you’d have to be insane.” We love Daniel’s uncomfortable yet resolved face, and the cry of alarm from behind the curtain before Fallon introduced him as “Danny Radcliffe.” We aren’t going to spoil his one and only joke, which he rightfully attributed to British comedian Peter Kay. Between this performance and Daniel texting J.K. Rowling not to write another Harry Potter book after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II comes out, looks like the rest of us will just head back to the open mics. At least until Daniel tries out his own material; then it’s anybody’s game.

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