Elementary School Music Consultant Still Super Pumped


Sometimes, when elementary or middle schools put on plays, they will hire some theater-y non-teacher person to come in as some sort of child drama consultant. The guy they usually bring in is… this guy. This is the guy that came into all of our schools to teach us to step and spin like candy canes or trees or dreidels or whatever weird thing your play was halfway about. Those plays never even made sense — just a bunch of characters and songs with no narrative structure. And for some reason you weren’t supposed to sing r’s? “Fish and chips and vinegah! Vinegah! Vinegah!” What was THAT?! Nothing about these things was a thing. But at least they looked GOOD. And that’s because this guy was there making sure they looked good.

Guys, it’s Double Dream Feet.

Obviously, Rubber Legs was and still is great. But the guy waited for us all to graduate before he started teaching the Carlton Dance. Come on, guy. Double Disappointed Face over here.

Thanks, The Daily What.

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