Johnny Depp To Appear In 21 Jump Street Movie


If only the 21 Jump Street movie featured the entire original cast of the television show, seen here. An aloof Holly Robinson (before the Peete), a jean-jacketed Peter Deluise, and of course, a super-sexy, not yet super-famous Johnny Depp. All gathered ’round a piano, as they did back then. (Not really.) The movie may not be a reunion of the entire 21 Jump Street cast, but Depp is reportedly signed on to appear in a small, uncredited role, so that’s something.

The movie will star Jonah Hill, Ice Cube and Channing Tatum, and Depp will likely cameo as his old character, Tom Hanson. Last year, Depp told Entertainment Weekly that he hoped he could reprise the role, if only to see what Hanson was up to these days. “I’m hoping they’ll let me do a cameo,” he said. “Someone will say, ‘Whatever happened to Tom Hanson?’ and they’ll find me somewhere hoarding jars of peanut butter and shaking in my underpants.” Hoarding jars of peanut butter? Is he an extreme couponer? Doesn’t matter, we’d still pay to see it. And if you’re feeling nostalgic, check out the opening credits of 21 Jump Street…after the JUMP. (Oy.) They’ve been stuck in our head for 20 years, they might as well get stuck in yours, too.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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