These Carvings Are Bananas


So, here are a lot of carved Bananas. Splash News explains:

These a-peeling sculptures are sure to make you go bananas – with the faces of Elvis and Davey Jones from Pirates of The Caribbean. The detailed works of fruity art are carved with a toothpick and a spoon. Each piece is completed fast, before the bananas start to rot.

First off, two word plays in one sentence… nice. And, seemingly, you guys are among a very select group of people who get to see these pictures because they came with the very clear instructions, “Usage: NO AUSTRALIA, BELGIUM, CHINA, DENMARK, ESTONIA, FINLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY, HUNGARY, ITALY, POLAND, PORTUGAL, ROMANIA, RUSSIA, SPAIN, SWEDEN, UKRAINE, UNITED KINGDOM.” Hahaha, Europe is so screwed, you guys!

If you’re worried that there might not be a whole ton of these, you can seriously relax. We’ve got 13 to go after this one.

Even the peel looks like an actual thing Elvis would wear.

Get outta here, Dr. Moist Head. Ya gross.


Dude, you got some of your face, like… on your face.


He breathes Nutella.




Uhh, can a banana statue be racist? (If you can’t tell which race this looks like, you are a very good person.)


Someone’s a little upset about eventually being pudding.

This may or may not be the Simpsons Grandma.


B’nanned up on ‘roids.


Nope, any non banana material is cheating. Disqualified.


We’re all sexually attracted to this one, right?


Imagine how scary her banana house must be.

Someone’s about to get laaaaaaaid!

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