Today Is They Might Be Giants Appreciation Day


They Might Be Giants has announced today that today is They Might Be Giants Appreciation Day. Is this wholly self serving? Yes, it is. But it’s meant to be, and there’s got to be some sort of allowance for that when you produce mostly informative pop music about the make up of the sun and geography.

There is an upcoming TMBG (not Teenage Mutant Binja Gurtles) album to be released soon, and today four tracks have become available for download on iTunes. So go download those. Or don’t download those. But at least remember when Tiny Toons used to do their own music videos for They Might Be Giants, and how, for those few minutes, you would like Tiny Toons as much as Animaniacs.

Oh, and real quick, there should be an all girl band like the Indigo Girls that sings about this kind of stuff, and they should be called They Might Be ‘Ginas. Sorry. Here’s a song about the sun that TMBG did for Nickelodeon.

Learning is fun. Also Buzzfeed is fun.

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