Weekly Alligator Story: Lady Finds 7 Foot Alligator In Bathroom


Just about every week, there is another story about alligators in places they’re not supposed to be. In living rooms, under cars, in elevators — they’re everywhere. But they have at least always managed to stay out of our bathrooms. Until now.

I think we all used to be under the impression that bathrooms were reserved for rats and snakes that climb up through the toilet. Those days of presumed safety are over. MSNBC just did a story on a Florida woman, Alexis Dunbar, who arrived home to find a 7 foot alligator in — as you’ve surely guessed by now — her bathroom


So here’s a question: What’s up with using the table to keep the alligator cordoned off? There is a door literally attached to the bathroom. Doors are better alligator blockers than tables. I know the door opens inward and you’d have to reach in to close it. But still. That’s a bridge table. Sometimes those aren’t even effective as snack holders.

Thanks, Huffpost Green Section.

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