Can You Feel The Mutant Sexual Tension In X-Men: First Class Theatrical Trailer?


See, this is what what happens when every single character in your movie is young and good-looking: unavoidable sexual tension. So maybe a select few have gigantic insect wings or blue scales or some kind of gross animal claw sprouting out of their body. It (probably) wouldn’t stop us in real life; it’s certainly not going to stop us on screen. In addition to the sexiness inherent in fighting for justice, the new X-Men: First Class theatrical trailer features a topless Zoe Kravtiz, a near kiss between Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique and Nicolas Hoult‘s Beast, and, of course, January Jones‘ ice cleavage. In retrospect, we probably won’t miss Chelsea Grammar‘s take on Hank McCoy as much as we screamed we would when the new film was announced. Even setting movie during the Cuban missile crisis itself is pretty sexy. In fact, seeing Michael Fassbenger‘s Magneto lift up an submarine with his mind is almost as exciting as the promise of some hot mutant-on-mutant action. Almost.


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