He’ll Be Back…Several More Times: New Terminator Sequels On The Way


Remember how the tagline for the original Terminator movie was “The thing that won’t die, in the nightmare that won’t end”? Kind of ironic, huh? Deadline reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger-lead Terminator sequels might be on the way unless John Connor can do something…oh wait, we mean if any studios take interest in the rights package Arnold’s agency sent out yesterday. Fast Five director Justin Lin is rumored to direct, guaranteeing the number of explosions per second will almost be high enough to distract from us the question, “Why would Skynet make a cyborg that looks 63?”

After leaving office in January, Schwarzenegger has burst out of the gate with his new superhero The Governator and a related animate series. We support anything that draws from Arnold’s iconic roles (we wouldn’t kick a True Lies sequel out of bed), but when it comes to his man-machine, Terminator: Resurrection put the steel nail in the time-traveling coffin on that one. It’s a bad day when the idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger as President of the European Union seems less awful, but seriously, did you see Terminator: Resurrection? Don’t look at us, Arnold. Blame McG.

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