Steven Tyler Admits To Relapsing (With Joe Perry!) Before He Joined Idol


Steven Tyler went to rehab after multiple leg surgeries in 2008, but in his new Rolling Stone cover story, the Aerosmith singer says he—and guitarist Joe Perry—actually used drugs together during a scrapped recording session around 2009. “It was just like 30 years before,” he explained. “I whipped out mine, he whipped out his and we got high together again. I say to Joe, ‘Wow, man, how you been, it’s been, what, 17 years since we got high together? Joe, you’ve been f—ing running away from me ever since.'” Unsurprisingly, their relapse affected their work. “Joe was high and he couldn’t play. I couldn’t sing, really, because I was snorting everything, and it f—s up your throat. It was the wrong time.”Aerosmith nearly split in late 2009, when Tyler began working on his upcoming autobiography and the band accused him of relapsing. Perry refused to comment on the new allegations, though Aerosmith will reportedly appear on American Idol with Tyler later this eason.

Tyler also talks in the interview about nearly joining Led Zeppelin in 2008  (“I decided, ‘Well, I know that I’m mad at [Aerosmith], but I’m not that mad'”), planning his first solo album (one track is titled “Bobbing For Piranha”!) and his time on Idol (apparently he beat The Who’s Roger Daltrey—known Simon Cowell basher—for the gig!). “You know what, out of the 20 kids you saw tonight…if you could just sprinkle 10 years of smoking pot, getting f—ed up, getting laid, getting f—ed, and 10 years of just life, which one of those people wouldn’t be a star?” Somehow we don’t think we’ve seen the last Steven Tyler f-bomb on Idol.

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