Another Very Visually Pleasant Video Produced For Radiolab


There’s a pretty good chance most of you don’t listen to Radiolab on public radio or in its podcast form. So, to those who don’t listen, let me say this. Your life is incomplete. Radiolab is so great! Most of the time. I mean, one out of ever five or so is a real clunker. And sometimes the hosts do some clearly rehearsed banter and it makes you feel uncomfortable. But, EVEN SO!

It’s sort of like 60 Minutes, but for the radio, and with fewer old people more focus on science. You end up learning about things you had no idea you wanted to learn about. Did you know there’s a condition that can make you think you’re moving at normal speed when, in fact, it is taking you a couple of hours just to wipe your nose? Did you know that once there was a pond that was so toxic that it killed geese, but then the bacteria from the dead geese’ butth*les somehow cleaned everything up, and now it’s a nontoxic pond? There’s no way you knew those things. But you would have if you listened to Radiolab.

Anyway, once in a while Radiolab will produce a short video that they put online as a supplement to their show. Here is the most recent one. It is called Symmetry, and it will make you feel things.

Thanks, Best of YouTube.

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