It’s Official! Elizabeth Banks Wigs Out As Effie Trinket In The Hunger Games


Which do you think she’ll look better in: pink, orange or gold? We are, of course, referring to wig color, since Elizabeth Banks’ Hunger Games‘ role Effie Trinket has fake locks that flop around her head like a fuchsia tumbleweed in a gale. We personally love this casting choice for Katniss’ handler; anyone who has seen Banks’ as 30 Rock‘s Avery Jessup know she nails it when it comes to playing proper yet slightly unhinged characters. Since reports about Banks joining the Hunger Games cast proved to be true, hopefully rumors about John C. Reilly playing Haymitch Abernathy will also pan out, meaning the main cast is nearly complete. Between this casting announcement and Elizabeth Banks ‘new baby, we wonder which one makes her the happiest. We’re clearly kidding, of course. Having a baby doesn’t entitle you to a technicolor wig wardrobe.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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