So Karl Lagerfeld Has A Big Chocolate Sculpture Of His Boyfriend


Computers should come with a backspace that works on Karl Lagerfield‘s life.

From Gawker:

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t go anywhere without his traveling companion and muse Baptiste Giabiconi. Now he’s reserved a very interesting honor for the comely young man: Uncle Karl has sculpted the boy in chocolate… The work debuted today in Paris, where Karl is hoping to promote ice cream brand Magnum.

On a gayness scale, a life-size chocolate sculpture of your model boy toy might actually fall below naming your ice cream brand after condoms for enormous penises. But it’s a very close gay call.

I can’t even imagine what a straight version of this would be. Maybe a sculpture of Jessica Biel made out of steak to promote a restaurant called Computer Porn? But that’s actually a little reminiscent of Lady Gaga‘s meat dress which is just gay all over again. We need to get a think tank working on this.

Thanks for the heads up, Sarah Walker.

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