Conrad Murray’s Lawyer Wants To Give A Pig Propofol In Michael Jackson Trial


As if this trial wasn’t already going to be a circus. According to TMZ, an attorney for Dr. Conrad Murray—accused of the accidental manslaughter of Michael Jackson—has requested to have a veterinarian as an expert witness. Sadly, he won’t be on the stand to challenge testimony from Bubbles: the vet would be asked to give a pig Propofol, in hopes of proving that the drug can be ingested. In case you’ve forgotten, the defense will argue that Jackson could have OD’d on the hospital grade anesthetic by slipping some in his juicebox.

The defense has also recently requested access to footage from the This Is It rehearsals, as they hope to show Jackson was exhausted and possibly suicidal at the time of his death. None of this contradicts the long-held belief of the DA that Murray’s guilty simply for leaving Propofol around the house, but drugging a farm animal is definitely one way to put a shadow of doubt in the jury’s mind…or fry their brains trying.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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