Saoirse Ronan Invades Stephenie Meyer’s The Host


We’ve already burned through vampires and werewolves, and not one publishing house responded to our Loch Ness monster novel (it’s much hotter than you’d think!). Seeing as how zombies are actually decaying corpses, are aliens destined to be the next teen romance craze? Deadline reports today that Saoirse Ronan is cast in The Host, the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer‘s sci-fi thriller. It’s got everything an audience could want: supernatural beings, inter-species sexual tension, and humans losing control of their minds and bodies to otherworldly forces. You’re right. It seemed hotter when it was vampires.

Seen as how Ronan proved her ability to carry a film as both the fierce fighter in Hanna and the ghostly protagonist of The Lovely Bones, we have no doubt she’ll kill it as Melanie Stryder, one the last humans left on Earth after an alien invasion. Ronan will also play Wanderer, the alien force that seizes control of Melanie, and you better believe there is complicated four-way human-alien romance quadrangle to look forward to. This is a Stephenie Meyer book we’re talking about, after all.

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