Brody Jenner Impresses The Nation’s Bros With Surfing Injury


And now a word from the guy who puts the “bro” in Brody. Honorary Kardashian Brody Jenner has been hanging ten on an Indonesian surf trip for the past few days, but apparently he needs a little more practice. The reality star tweeted a truly nasty pic of his banged up foot following a heavy duty wipe-out today. We’re not sure why he wanted to broadcast the fact that he sorta sucks at surfing, but bros all over the world air-drum-solo’ed to a Dispatch song in approval.  “One of the sickest waves of my life,” Brody gushed via Twitter, “No surfing today. My foot is DESTROYED! Check it!”  He was taken to a local hospital specializing in rad injuries, where he was diagnosed with a cut foot and a case of Extremeocity. His foot will heal, but sadly he is expected to remain somewhat of a douche for the rest of his life. Stay strong, brah.

[Photo: Images]

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