David Hasselhoff Helps Launch Nickelodeon Land In England For No Apparent Reason


Nickelodeon opened a theme park in Blackpool, England today. David Hasselhoff was there to help launch it. Why? BECAUSE KIDS LOVE DAVID HASSELHOFF!!!!

What is going on here? We can only assume there was some sort of situation like at the end of Ghostbusters with the Stay Puft Marshmallow monster. Presumably, Nickelodeon was told by an evil spirit to “chose the form” of their promoter, and the head guy couldn’t help having David Hasselhoff enter his mind. “You have chosen.” The evil spirit then said. “What did you just do?!?” all of Nickelodeon yelled at the head guy. “I couldn’t help it. It just popped in there!” he responded. And just like that, David Hasselhoff appeared as the nightmarish celebrity promoter for a British children’s amusement park.

Who do you think is more disappointed in themselves: David Hasselhoff or Nickelodeon? It’s a close call.

Thanks, Splash News.

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